You mastered Shiny and Dash. You followed best practices and your data application is production-ready. Now you only have to deploy and host your app.

The goal of the 💻 Hosting Data Apps website is to help you make smart choices and teach you the skills needed to host your own data apps.

We built this website to be a one-stop-shop for all your data app hosting questions. Data apps simplify data-intensive operations by answering very specific questions. How you host your data apps matters because it relates directly to the user experience while also contributing to your expenses.

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Read about the motivations behind launching this website and how to get the best experience on the site.

Read about the various ways how you can host Shiny apps:

The Taxonomy of Shiny Hosting Options
Combine the 4 hosting patterns with 3 deployment modes and there you have the 8 options to host Shiny apps.

Find the best hosting option for your Shiny app:

How to Pick the Right Hosting Option for Your Shiny App
You mastered Shiny, your app is production-ready. Here are the different ways of hosting it. This post helps you pick one that best suits your needs!


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