How to Make the Most of This Website?

Peter Solymos
Peter Solymos
How to Make the Most of This Website?

Search, tags, archive, weekly digest, PWA, dark mode, image gallery - it's all yours!

The goal of this website is to help you make smart choices and teach you the skills needed to host your own data apps. Here are some tips for navigating the site and staying up-to-date with recent content. These perks are all here to give you the best experience!

📱 Install the PWA

If you want the ultimate mobile experience, you can install the website on your phone as a progressive web application (PWA). Follow these instructions to add the link as a PWA on Android or iPhone.

Try the site as a progressive web app / © Analythium

🗞️ Sign up for the website

Sign up to receive our weekly Insiders' Digest and to get access to members-only content. Emails are sent once a week giving you an update about recent posts and more. Your email address is safe with us, we will not spam you or give you email to third parties – and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top navigation bar and start typing words. The search results will be filtered based on these keywords leaving you with posts that are of interest.

Search and filter by tags / © Analythium

🏷️ Filter by tags

Explore the tags, select a tag of interest and see posts listed under that tag, e.g. Docker, Shiny, etc.

🗄️ Browse the archive

All the posts are listed in reverse chronological order under the archive page. Go there and scroll through the posts.

🌜 Light/dark mode

Switch between light and dark mode to make it easier on your eyes.

Archive and dark mode / © Analythium

📹 Images and videos

Images and videos are displayed in a clean overlaying box, just click on the image above to see a gallery.

Image gallery for a post / © Analythium

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