Make Your Shiny App Fly

Peter Solymos
Peter Solymos
Make Your Shiny App Fly
Photo by Sven Scheuermeier / Unsplash

Run your Shiny app at scale and close to your users with the application hosting platform. is an application hosting platform. The platform is ideal for hosting worldwide apps with low latency.

Here is Fly's mission in their own words:

Despite the benefits of location-smart, time-agile and cloud-clever applications, there’s been no good platform for building applications that work like this. This is what Fly has set out to fix. In the process we want to make application distribution platforms as ubiquitous as CDNs.

Because apps in Fly mean containerized apps, there is nothing that can stop you from deploying a Shiny app to the platform.

This post walks you through the basic setup of creating and deploying a Shiny app to Fly. You'll see that it is fairly straightforward if you have worked with other PaaS interfaces before. If not, now is the time! landing page

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