How to Run Shiny on Virtual Machines the Hard Way

Peter Solymos
Peter Solymos
How to Run Shiny on Virtual Machines the Hard Way

Push-button options are great, but as they say: no pain, no gain. You'll appreciate the tooling when you try to host Shiny without it!

We are all used to all conveniences that our ever-growing tooling ecosystem provides us. It is worth taking a step back and see how Shiny hosting would look like without these tools.

It is possible to host Shiny apps without specialized hosting solutions, like a push-button integration or application platforms (PaaS). I covered 3 options previously that falls into this category: hosting Shiny with systemd, Docker, and Docker Compose. In this overview, I'll break down what can you do with a Linux-based virtual machine (VM) and Shiny, and for what costs.

Photo by Gabriel Dizzi / Unsplash

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